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  1. Agreed. Was with my 12 year old daughter who was wondering what they were singing about
  2. Binned during the new year game maybe but heard walking back along halbeath road after
  3. It's definitely not but I'm not sure exactly what timescale they are talking about. In the new starks park maybe?
  4. While I actually don't mind losing this game the way we have lost it is a genuine concern. We have completely lost our way
  5. Apparently we are 10 points better off than Kilmarnock and Dundee at this stage of the season when they went in to win the league
  6. To be fair that's only going to be an issue for them for the next six months
  7. Are the games televised at that stage or will it be the Saturday? Funny both derbies drawn were also this weekends fixtures
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