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  1. Well yes you could either dig out the video proof required, I could probably dig out some articles and quotes from coaches at United that said he played as a forward and we could both just bore everyone to death trying to pretend that we’re both right based on neither of us having watched a single game that he ever played for the youth teams at Carrington, or we could probably just save everyone the boredom and agree that his best position is probably exactly where I said it was, in midfield making runs in to the box.
  2. Worth noting that McTominay was actually playing as a striker up until he broke in to the first team at United so the position isn’t completely alien to him. I do think he’s much better suited to being the guy making runs in to the box from deeper positions but wouldn’t be entirely against the idea of seeing how he played as a striker in one of the friendlies.
  3. Times must be tough at Glebe Park when @citydiehard is coming across as a reasonable poster.
  4. Whether or not they’re actively interested in signing him I could not confirm, what I do know is that there was 100% a scout from Hull City at the game and that the player he was there to watch was Grady McGrath. Just thought it was something interesting worth sharing.
  5. Not suggesting that they are about to make a move for him or anything but there was a scout from Hull City at your game vs Lossiemouth at the start of the month watching Grady McGrath who I see didn’t actually start the game.
  6. If we’ve asked the question and either him or St Johnstone have said no then not much we can do, he’d be a huge improvement in our midfield now. Starting to fear that we’re just going to try and see out the season with what we have.
  7. Cammy F is an absolutely outstanding signing for you lot, I would have loved to see him back at Montrose but had assumed he would have ended up in The Championship.
  8. 1. David Goodwillie, if he isn’t officially involved in Scottish Football at some amateur side then he can have a wildcard entry. 2. Douglas Ross 3. The Alloa fan in the Thistle Bar who advised us that he “doesn’t give a f**k where we’ve come from, the jukebox is no going on when the horses are on” 4. Michael Stewart 5. Forfar defender Andy Munros mother 6. Whoever is running Safe Tay Security these days, they provide stewards to the Angus and Dundee teams and they’re an absolute shambles. 7. Alloa related again, the boy on the turnstile who watched me for 15 minutes trying to get a ticket on their website only to tell me he can put through a cash sale. 8. Chris Toal, would be absolutely nowhere near either of the podcasts he’s been on if he wasn’t a bit on the short side. 9. Andy Walker for calling Tannidice “Tannideechi”, I’ll actually give a joint 9th to Andy Walker and whoever it was that tried to justify it on here by saying that it was common in the 90s as if that makes it any less of an embarrassment. 10. Ewan Cameron. Edited this after reading through and realising I had made some glaring omissions. Michael Gardyne, Rory McCalister and Gabriel Antoniazzi just missing out. There was also a Brechin fan called CITY1974 who messaged me in 2018 saying “You guys should wind up Arbroath c***s by declaring this the real Angus Derby that'd annoy hell out of them.. ( I know it's not though ) ” he/she would have been top 5 but they haven’t posted since not long after that so I’m letting them off.
  9. Ryan Williamson out for a while now and we don’t really have any cover at right back so that’s another position we’re gonna need to sort out, great.
  10. Loan market is open until the end of next month I believe, I would imagine we’ll probably see a couple in when the full time teams have their business done. Definitely need another defender, midfielder and striker at least.
  11. Harry Craig is apparently continuing to deceive the referee, off to hospital after the game for a scan after pretending to be flattened. Can’t fault his dedication to this particular sell.
  12. Well that was utterly shite. Probably would have said a draw would have been a fair result but I find it difficult to say we were hard done by. Referee was absolutely pish for both teams but from where I was sitting it looked he got the call right when Lyons went down in the box, didn’t really have the best angle though. Really missed Gardyne in the middle of the park today and it once again highlights the fact that we’re really short in that area, hopefully Petrie and Campbell have a couple of bodies lined up. Also hope Luke Graham is okay as we really can’t afford to be left with Dillon and Quinn at centre back. Special mention to the fully grown adult who jumped over the barrier at full time to have a pop at the Stirling Albion defender only to shite themselves when the player walked towards him, looked like it was completely missed by all of the stewards but I would hope that a bit of self policing from the fans around him has come in to play and he’s been told to wind his neck in, no time for that shite.
  13. I had wondered if Macleod may end up at Montrose given that we seriously need another striker to rotate with Kane and the fact that we have a good relationship with Dundee United, but he’s already played for them and Forfar this season so he can’t play for anyone else.
  14. Only good thing about an away day to the industrial estate is the balmoral pie
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