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  1. I thought I'd read that there was NATO & USA naval war exercises taking place only 20/30 kilometres away from there. Surely if it was Russia then they would have picked something up on radar. Did Biden not say that he would stop NS1 from operating?
  2. Pot calling kettle black bennett? On the day after Sevco have been fined for price fixing
  3. A Nations' League blazer badge and tie set (slightly damaged from storage). No Blankety Blank Chequebook and Pen then?
  4. Don't get me wrong... I've watched every match in this small table of miniscule world consternation and it's had me up to here - I'm well chuffed that we've "Won The League"......but fcuk me, it just seems like we've landed in a worst pile of shyit
  5. Think our weak link and the Manager's is Kenny McLean.
  6. The pain is still strong in this one........#metoo
  7. TAJ

    Yer team got beat ya bawbag!!!!



    1. afca32


      We actually won 3-0 chief.

      Get it right fucking up, and in about ye ya Edinburgh City supporting c**t.

  8. Aha!.........the Dainty is no more but the highland coo still moo's.
  9. Care to divulge which addons you find to be reliable Mr X?
  10. Exactly. I used to think that the more apps you had then the broader choice of streaming sources you had. But that's not true. If films and tv shows are your thing then all you need is a continually updated and working film/tv show app. The same with sports, you only need the one app that you can rely on. It's like wanting to buy six cans of Stella but wondering whether to go to Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Wan O Wan etc. They all sell the same shyte. That's why you're better of just using reliable apps instead of these builds. Yes, I use a build.
  11. Come on now, be fair. They could sell it and extend that Trinity place next door, there's people dying to get in there.
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