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  1. Steady on, pal. Have you any idea the amount of people who can’t afford an extra quid a week? We’re paying enough on tickets, merchandise, hospitality, pies, stake bakes, beer, fags…and you want us to part with yet another pound of our hard earned??
  2. There’s nothing wrong with expressing that view, you’re not alone in being disappointed. Let’s cut the bullsh*t. A very small minority of our support are likely to fall into the bracket of struggling financially to the extent that they are unable to justify an extra tenner a month. However far too many are latching onto that as a convenient excuse, and either can’t be arsed or simply don’t care enough. It’s £2.50 a week ffs! No one will convince me so many people are that hard up.
  3. Signed a 2 year deal with Johnstone Burgh. Played for them yesterday.
  4. I’m with alonso on this. I don’t think he nor anyone else would suggest the league was going to be won or lost today, regardless of the result. But given the monumental importance of achieving promotion this season, I think it’s entirely fair that some fans are underwhelmed at salvaging a 96th minute equaliser against Cove Rangers (who were missing a number of key players incidentally). Since we plummeted into League 1, our record against full time opposition/promotion rivals has been nothing short of an embarrassment. It would’ve been nice to lay down a marker today for the first time in years. Poor refereeing or defensive mistakes aside, it should be viewed as 2 points dropped.
  5. Well said. Sick of the patronising p*sh that suggests we should be grateful for the progress he’s made this season. Absolute fu*king nonsense. We’re in The Boys’ Brigade league for Christ sake. Thankfully some of us weren’t born yesterday. This season has been yet another failure. Any Falkirk manager who fails to win promotion from League 1 with the budget McGlynn’s had deserves their jotters. Get him, and Gary Oliver, to fu*k!!
  6. It’s all relative. I contribute what I can by subscribing to the FSS and attending matches and buying merchandise, and I look for nothing in return. If I had the money those pair have, I can guarantee you the Club wouldn’t be languishing in the third tier of Scottish football, nor would the Board have to come begging for help. I wonder what their latest interest rates are.
  7. They can f**k off. I’d have taken not a dime from either of them. Falkirk fans my arse.
  8. Get these all blue kits to f*ck. When will folk ever learn?
  9. Nah, can’t be. Gary Deans never walked down Hope Street in his life. p***k!
  10. Aye you’re right. Let’s get Deans and the PR guru back, they were much more professional.
  11. It was me who said it and the post is still there for all to see. But you are wrong to state the post was in response to “a question about employees who work in backroom areas such as Finance, Retail, Commercial & Hospitality”. The post was in response to a suggestion that more “long serving staff” were leaving the Club. No names or departments were mentioned. The same old hangers on have continued to stink the place out for years without any accountability. The Thomson’s, Ritchie’s, Bateman’s, Hogg’s of this world. That list is endless and they’ve all been part of the rot. But I have no axe to grind with anyone who serves in the club shop or who pulls pints behind the bar.
  12. “Personal attacks” . Away and gie’s peace ya clown, League 2 forum for your pish. Nothing will change my opinion of Dowds. He’s not good enough for Falkirk and never will be. I could count the number of good games he’d had for us on one hand. The fact that people are disappointed he’s leaving tells you exactly how low we’ve sunk.
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