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  1. Have we? Lets see you post one transphobic thing said member has ever posted then.....
  2. That's not gonna happen. The woke Nazis do not tolerate any dissent whatsoever. You can't even ask a question, ask for clarification or explanation, express any dissent. You comply fully with their beliefs, and that's what they are just beliefs not facts, or you're a bigot. That's it, end of story. So any hope for a grown-up conversation is forlorn. I've asked before on here can anyone give an example of even one transphobic thing Joanna Cherry has ever said or done in her entire life and nobody can give even one example. That tells you where we are. Read why Andy Wightman left the Greens, same thing.
  3. I think a split is coming. The best hope is that NS has to step down in a few weeks, then the party could maybe begin to be repaired.
  4. Yeah, even to want to discuss certain aspects or ask questions get you immediately branded a bigot. Dissent of any form is not tolerated. Its amazing people can't see how dangerous that is. Cherry's only 'crime' is to believe biology is real. She doesn't want to take any rights away from trans people, or deny them the right to live their lives how they please. And she is someone who has fought for equal rights all her adult life and faced decades of discrimination herself. Its very sad this is the hill that Scottish independence is going to die on, laughable though really not funny.
  5. I wonder how many people are getting warned for spamming this thread given they are posting stuff not remotely related to the subject being discussed when I did for posting about the subject being discussed. Going to take a wild guess zero. Anyway enjoy your ideological purity, I'm sure you'll be able to fight poverty and secure EU entry with that.
  6. Well I'm one. I was already reluctant to vote for Andrew Wilson's proposals. How much do you think pandering to 1% of the population at the expense of 51% increased it? Anyway don't answer I'm not interested. My active day to day interest in independence ends today. Its not gonna happen, the SNP have been fatally corrupted from within, and no progress can be made until the entire leadership is changed. You can think people like Joanna Cherry and Andy Wightman are just mad bigots all you want, I couldn't care less anymore.
  7. The SNP will never get us a vote. Its over, idiots like you have fucked it for an entire country, so well done.
  8. We're all going to be miserable living in a right-wing UK for 80% of the rest of our lives. And clowns like you are responsible, so well done. Congratulations, you won.
  9. I don't care. I'm not voting for that shower and they're incapable of getting us independence anyway. Membership is going today too. I've thought in the cold light of day for a long time Scotland will never be independent cause our resources are far too important to England, they'll never let us go. But I was prepared to vote for it and campaign for it to my dying day. I'm done now, its over. Not remotely interested.
  10. I think the SNP just lost my vote. I don't think Scotland will ever become independent.
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