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  1. I know I shouldn’t be looking at it but some absolutely mental takes on Facebook. Supposedly we were robbed, it was all the refs fault, played well and deserved the win, ref played until they scored blah blah blah. Yes the very late goal was a sickener but anyone who thought we deserved the win obviously wasn’t watching the game. Need to see the highlights back but Inverness missed 3 or 4 sitters, a couple of decent looking penalty shouts, Boruc had a few saves to make and there were enough injuries and subs etc to easily merit that amount of injury time. On the other hand we supposedly had two shots on target, although I can only remember one and a few shots and half chances. Yet again Ridgers was put under pretty much no pressure by Arbroath. He must absolutely fucking love playing us. Positives - a goal, Reilly looks good, McKenna back.
  2. Yeah I agree with all of this to an extent - the problem is there’s only 12 games left and we’re still a fair bit away from looking like winning games. If there were 20 games left then I’d feel fairly optimistic but there isn’t. We also have a massive negative goal difference which is a big worry too. Another thing that struck me about today was how morgue like it was. Even if the bad old days of 300-400 crowds and scrabbling around at the very bottom of the very bottom, I don’t remember it being that bad. Just seems like a feeling of resignation.
  3. By my reckoning, we’ve taken 8 points out of the last 51 and haven’t looked like taking any more than that. If we can’t beat Dunfermline and ICT then who can we beat? and let’s be brutally honest, we were lucky to take anything from those games. Inverness could have scored 3 or 4 easy today, we had 2 on target. One good thing about today is that it’s shown we have to play Reilly from the start. We definitely improved when he came on and Bird and McKenna too. The first half today was abject - a game we really had to win and we did f**k all, nothing - no energy, no effort, no urgency. Was like a pre season friendly.
  4. Well we’ve really approached this like a must win. Grim.
  5. Absolutely agree but it’s not likely to pick up a series of “shock” results against teams up the top of the league is it? One or two yes but enough to survive?
  6. Yeah but if we can’t pick up points against our relegation rivals, then who (and when) are we going to get points against. Our record since September is horrific. Only our run of 4 wins in a row then is keeping us even remotely in touch.
  7. Wrong - it’s an absolute 100% must win for Arbroath. Inverness can afford to draw but we can’t.
  8. Absolutely nothing going our way this season. Surely even the most positive of our fans must admit it’s looking bleak. Need a run of good wins starting tomorrow… and goals too as our goal difference is by far the worst in the league.
  9. Happy enough with that - untested at this level but a natural goalscorer so here’s hoping. The club really need to stop with this countdown to an announcement nonsense though as the speculation just goes OTT - we had Nouble, Hylton, Linn, May all mentioned. Just announce it at 11:00 ffs without the buildup.
  10. Nah, has to be Gretna. A random non league team playing in the English Northern Premier, or whatever it was, chosen by a millionaire to chuck money at to see how far he could take them. Only for it all to come collapsing down after a few short years when he died and the money dried up. Back at their level now. Yes, Cove have had money chucked at them and are where they are mainly because of that but they’ve worked their way up from the Juniors to Highland League and through L2 and L1 to a single unsuccessful Championship season and are now competing again in L1 - hopefully with a little more humility and realism. Although they have a very small fanbase relative to their success, I have no doubt that they’ll still be around even when the money dries up. Do I think they’ll ever be challengers to the Dons in Aberdeen? Absolutely zero chance of that but I can see them stumble around somewhere between the HL and Championship in perpetuity and at least “in theory” they have potential to be a bigger more successful team.
  11. The last game v Dunfermline still annoys me more than any other game this season. Well on top and cruising (well, maybe not cruising but certainly comfortable) before… well we all know the rest. That 2 points chucked that day could define our season.
  12. A draw today not the end of the world but means we have to win the next 2.
  13. The goal or everything? Are we ever going to score a goal again?
  14. We’ve actually got something resembling a full bench today. Can’t remember the last time we had that. No place at all in the squad for Ali Adams, got to feel a bit sorry for him as he’s done absolutely nothing wrong.
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