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  1. Going to be an incredible league next season, agree Whitehill and Camelon will do much better than they both started this season seen Kennoway a few times last season when they were over the bridge, twice at the start and they looked like a team that could go on and challenge, and twice near the end and they looked like no hopers Agree re that only VOL will struggle, Oakley seem to have picked up a bit past few weeks and if can keep the core do not to badly.
  2. is this seen as bad? or only bad when a B team makes 8 changes?
  3. Last nights result not only good for Hill of Beath but pretty decent for Linlithgow and Sauchie too
  4. Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before, Which league would Dalbeattie be relegated to if they finish bottom?
  5. Agree that they most probably won't be bothered, but more than happy to constantly choose a game hosted by clubs below tier 5 spouting "magic of the cup" and get their behind the scenes access
  6. Surely it should be time for the broadcasters to stand up and be counted. Wouldn't get my hopes up with the BBC however and Viaplay couldnt care about anything other than Celtic + Rangers
  7. Looks like it is going to be a slog between now and end of season for a few teams down the bottom for sure. Exciting for a neutral not so much a fan of any of the clubs
  8. excellent selection of kits in the Primrose v Bluebell game
  9. I've never seen a team as vulnerable from set pieces as Falkirk. Any ball into the box reeks havoc
  10. Will they plump for someone with knowledge of the league or go for a more left field appointment?
  11. Unsure what's worse, that or Brown Ferguson turning up to Crossgates first game of last season in a shirt and tie and pair of brown loafers
  12. it's all going Pete Tong for the soldiers of love.
  13. I just hope they get a new coffee machine for the move
  14. Hard fought game from what I would say the two best teams in the league. From where I was stood felt it probably was a penalty but not watched full highlights yet. Did also notice that Stowe seemed to certainly be targeted but I guess that has to be expected being the leagues top marksman.
  15. the new DoF has done well to assess the squad so quickly and be able to bring in players that fill the needs of the team and manager.
  16. plenty of big games this weekend. Will be taking in Linlithgow V Sauchie, was at the Scottish Cup game between the two and it certainly had some bite.
  17. she lost the dressing room and had to go, Mark McGhee in til end of season
  18. where is he getting the money to get players in and be successful at say a Clyde though?
  19. Rangers and Celtic both heavy favourites for Champions League next season IMO
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