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  1. As always when going there, need to keep it tight for 20-30 minutes, and hopefully play our way into the game. Be interesting to see if KVV starts. Made more difficult probably with the League being so close at the top and Celtic not affording to drop more points.
  2. The original Sensi was definitely a major highlight of 90s games
  3. Cove were well organised. Thought we moved the ball a bit better than Wednesday night, with Polworth starting. Kennedy much livelier 2nd half. Both goals well taken. A case of job done.
  4. Depends. Expecting a tough game. Hopefully see KVV start this one with Watkins next to him and Greg Stewart in behind. Like last night, suspect patience will be required from Killie.
  5. Criminal Record with Peter Capaldi on Apple TV. Really good, so far with plot twists aplenty. Still difficult to work out what Capaldi's characters motives are, and what the end game will be. Apple TV a strong showing with this and Slow Horses recently
  6. Thought it was 'okay'. Not a patch on Andor, but 'okay'. Agree that it seemed to demand knowledge of the backstop.
  7. You really are quite the troll, but glad to see your obsessed time is spent trawling my posts. Utterly pathetic
  8. 1st half we didn't move the ball quickly enough or have players dropping into pockets of space for short balls against a well organised defence Subs changed the game, both Kennedy and Polworth outstanding and allowed us to get the ball in the box, with George making 3 really good stops.. In fairness Livi had some good opportunities and could certainly have had a goal or two but think we shaded it on the 2nd half performance
  9. You accused me of posting that the SNP sent their overspend to Westminster, when in answer to the question if they did so, the reply was 'neither'. 'Serious' political commentators across mainstream media consistently point to Scotland being the highest taxed area of the UK, which you deny.
  10. Might want to check out my posts in the actual football forums then. Or indeed my criticisms, questioning of Tory (and yes, even Labour) policy when it arises. Then there is the TV and film forum...
  11. Anyone questioning SNP policy, leadership or record in govt
  12. 2 questions for you... Is £28,000 a 'high earner'? Does someone making £28,000 pay more tax in Scotland than any other part of the UK?
  13. I know.. £28,000 a year is a 'high earner' in Yousaf's Scotland...not 'lies' when factual. And the old 'sockpuppet' chat..again equating to anyone questioning SNP policy or the quality of their leadership
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