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  1. When the goal was given Gogic picked the ball up from centre spot and launched it high towards Greenhill rd. Combe was raging but Gogic looked as if he told him where to go also quite funny Bolton giving it to Docherty first half after he moaned about a tackle.
  2. Boy Miller from Hibs gave both away. Pen and free kick that Son scored from.
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/jaden-brown-set-st-mirren-31966770
  4. Yeah my bad. That's what I get for reading one of their websites that appeared on my newsnow feed. At 66 I really should know better.
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/alex-greive-set-dundee-united-31841952
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