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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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5 minutes ago, CALDERON said:

Haven't seen anything didn't already know.  Desperately need bodies in defence and attack before the league season starts.

Yup. It's a small sample size, but that one-striker-who-only-touches-the-ball-five-times isn't a habit I'd care to take into a second season. 

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9 minutes ago, SirJimmyofNic said:

I wonder if hes coming back to us on loan, or just taking in the game

Hope not given the number of midfielders we have and the glaring issues elsewhere in the team. 

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7 minutes ago, Brashy's Boots said:

Not sure what point there is in listing trialists and not playing them. The boy can't do much leaning against the barrier in a training top. At the moment he could slot in anywhere - we're poor from back to front.

He needs to pinpoint what’s needed and fast.

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Fucking hell, its a pre season friendly. Did we not lose to Clyde last year and 6-2 to Falkirk the year before that?

There wasn't much tempo to Rovers game, and yes, we are definitely missing a focal point in attack. Nothing we didn't know already.

That was basically our first friendly. Saturday past against Dunbar was a glorified kick about that could easily have been played against training cones.

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Just now, Brashy's Boots said:
2 minutes ago, Jack Rae2 said:

Ryan Schiavone I believe, looked a decent player

Apart from a mighty sclaff near the end.

It was a decent move, unfortunately Connolly couldn't quite get it on target.

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