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just booked my tickets for the Babyshambles gig at the barrowlands on the 14th of december. Seen as the libs are more or less exstinct thoght i might aswell go and see what petes mob are like.

then going to the streets gig at the carling in march then its T in the park here i come.

anyone else got some gigs coming up?

p.s How good are Bloc Party?

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No till February to see the Ordinary Boys, hoping to get tickets for The Streets, hope it's not sold out? :unsure:

My neighbour gets me tickets to any carling gig i want he's some sort of marketing manager already asked him for them.

so couldnt tell you if they are sold out

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REM in Feb at the SECC, then again in the summer at Balloch.

Saw the Complete Stone Roses the other week at the Academy, absolutely cracking. They're due to do another couple of gigs up here soon, so will probably go and see them (for the third time!)

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Going to see Interpol on the December 17th, Canny wait!! :D

saw them at king tuts a couple of years ago and they were quality :thumsup2

going to see the manics at the secc in december, their new albums supposed to be sh*t but theyre supported by razorlight, then going to the bees at the barrowlands in february :)

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Got Snow Patrol and Status Quo lined up on Dec 21st & 22nd. Hoping to add in another gig around Xmas, but had to turn down Franz Ferdinand on the 18th cause Peterhead are at home, and I never miss games!

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