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Ravel Morrison

Mr. Brightside

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I don't think the officials saw the push so will he be punished retrospectively? I know he received a yellow card after the final whistle but I think that was due to either something he said or because he wasn't moving away quickly enough after the ref had warned him multiple times.

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He's a c**t, Fergie did well to get rid, absolute throbber off the pitch, one of the players you wouldn't be surprised is in the jail by the time he's 30. Don't get me wrong, he's an ok baller, but I beleive he's way overhyped.

That shit cray.

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It's the classic English media overhype machine

they are the worst in the world for spotting a footballing talent, not a fucking clue

one of these young players, like this latest muppet, try 40 fancy show off moves a match and fail 39 times - be sure they will cream over the 1 time he fluked it right and got a goal

barely any mention of some kid coming over from Spain and playing outstanding - the Everton player on loan from Barcelona - again the foreign talent puts British talent to absoute shame, but nothing new there

the press don't know coz they don;t know what a good player is.

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