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Those nasty online Bitter Together trolls...

Casual Bystander

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So while Jim Murphy complains about people simply for disagreeing with him let's just remind ourselves of the real face of the nasty nodrones who use not heckling but threats of death and violence.


A man has appeared in court over alleged online threats against First Minister Alex Salmond.

Steven Thomson, 43, from Renfrew, was charged with threatening or abusive behaviour under Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.


A TWITTER troll threatened to assassinate the First Minister because he doesnt really like the SNP, a court heard on Friday.

Christopher Stevenson, 26, posted Think I might assassinate Alex Salmond while watching a TV programme about him.

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Appreciate your passion Casual. I'm a YES voter too. Just calm the threads a wee bit.

We need a Casual Bystander subforum, so he can talk to himself in there.

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If people are that bothered then perhaps they should ask a mod to merge it into another thread.

For me I think it's entirely right we highlight the death threats the Bitter Together supporters don't want to hear about all the time Jim Murphy complains about people disagreeing with him.

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