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Dundee United 2015/16 Season

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Well reasoned reply stimigo. I think the problem United have is that they simply sold too many players over too short a period. I understand that Thompson wanted his money back but like any buisiness you cannot sell good quality assists, replace them with cheaper assets and expect things to continue as normal.


We have been victims of a really successful period of three or so years when we had a ridiculous amount of sellable assets in the squad. We were never going to be able to keep it up and thats why recruitment is so important if you are constantly selling. At least if you are recruiting sensibly and re-investing properly you can maintain some kind of form and structure. Unfortunately our recruitment both on and off the park since about August 2015 has been utterly horrific.

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There are more than a few comments I've seen tonight on Social Media now criticising Thompson for maybe selling, "what now he has all our money he wants to sell up and bugger off? Dick.". So you want him to stay? "Nah the p***k needs to go". 


Thompson's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't at the moment.

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If the figure Simon Murray told Dundee he was offered at Utd is correct, he would have been the 7th highest earner at Dens had we matched it.

That is how Utd were running their business.

We offered him a wage befitting his status as a part time player getting his chance in full time football and he (understandably) knocked us back, his boyhood club, due to the (relatively) incredible money he was offered at Tannadice.

Hartley told him he was making a mistake...


He's on under a grand a week.

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If the reports are true that Thompson is actively looking to sell United why did he only very recently feel it necessary to make it public knowledge that he no longer intends to take his £100,000 annual salary? He has been Chairman for a number of years now but only makes this gesture at the stage where he appears to be making genuine efforts to leave. Surely this gesture would have had some real meaning if he had made some considerable time ago.

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Surely this gesture would have had some real meaning if he had made some considerable time ago.


He's going nowhere.

'Buy your season tickets early and help the club' - Fùck off Stephen.

'I won't take my £100,000 p/a salary anymore' - Fùck off Stephen.

'I'm wanting to sell the club.. BUT only to the right buyer'

'Can't find the right buyer'

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I do not believe for one second that Dundee only have 6 players who are getting the same or more than 1k a week.


It's very believable at that time.


Look at the signings we made when we went up:

  • Roberts (released from Falkirk and a young nutcase)
  • Bain (part time Alloa)
  • Stewart (part time Cowdenbeath)
  • McGinn (part time Dumbarton)
  • Tankulic (level 4 German football)
  • Konrad (level 4 German football)
  • Clarkson (training with lower division clubs and rejected at multiple top flight clubs)
  • McPake (Hibs)
  • Thomson (Hibs)
  • Ferry (Portsmouth)
  • Harkins (released from St Mirren)
  • McGowan (released from St Mirren but for financial reasons)

The only other players that we had were Letheren, Irvine, Dyer, Davo, McAlister, McBride, Peaso and Boyle. All of them, with the exception of Boyle who was a youngster, were signed for First Division football at a time when we were struggling for money.


You are only really looking at Harkins, Ferry, Thomson, McPake, McGowan and maybe Irvine (due to time spent at the club) who were on 'top flight money'. I really don't think that anyone else in the squad touched the £1k mark.


The talk at the time was that when we went up unprepared in 2012, the top end of the wages was originally something like £800 per week.


Obviously, we've handed out a few renewals now to the guys that have proven themselves but it's also worth remembering that we were also paying settlement fees to most of the previous seasons squad too. They had automatic renewals in a few of their deals and they weren't good enough to play top flight football so we choose to move them on. We're less restricted now.


EDIT: Apologies, now that I think of it, McAlister was signed before the SPL season but that was at a time when we didn't yet have the TV money to spend and had no overdraft facility. He was looking for a club after leaving Hamilton and was a very cheap signing.

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