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Dundee United 2015/16 Season

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So two men look the same to you because they have very little hair?


I don't know whether Granny's being defensive about bald men or his esteemed chairman there.

Probably both.


Pretty much my thoughts. Maybe he's had Bomber hanging oot the back of his wrinkly auld arse and can't bear the comparison.

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Geoff Browns verbal assassination of Lord Baldemort... Oooft

The Killie chairman gets a doing as well.


I miss Geoff and his absolutely random public destruction of folk. His attack on Gretna was beautiful.

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“It was petty the way they dealt with my situation and it struck me that the club was only going one way, which was downhill."


Hard to believe a football club would be upset at one of its employees publicly celebrating a defeat.

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