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  1. What rule will be invoked to save Aberdeen from relegation this time?
  2. I love how these articles always gloss over the fact that England, despite having the biggest player pool of anyone, have been abusing the system since the invention of international rugby
  3. My previous employers had a "Senior Line Manager", who was in charge of making sure the Department Managers made sure the Team Leads made sure Supervisors made sure the plebs were working. The Senior Line Manager reported to the General Manager, who reported to the Directors. One member of staff was disciplined for calling someone a "useless middle managing p***k". When challenged on this at his disciplinary, he accepted that he should not have used the term, as "the 2nd level of management is not the middle in our structure"
  4. SOMETHING HAPPENED! VAR chalking this off for some inexplicable reason would be funny though
  5. It did hit his hand, then his head. I certainly don't think it should be a penalty though, as it brushing his hand didn't change the actual outcome, other than it hitting a slightly different bit of his head. I know the rule doesn't exactly say that, but he hasn't deliberately handled it, nor has he gained any advantage from doing so
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