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  1. If you want to watch shite football, then so be it.
  2. I'm doing absolutely hee-haw today. I put in about 6 miles of jogging yesterday. 5miles of walking to and from work (plus whatever at work) and had 5's last night too. I've a massive blister on each big toe and I've a sore back too.
  3. He's essenrially a St Johnstone type player. I have no ambition to see us turn into St Johnstone, that'd send even more punters away. It's a massive 'no' from me.
  4. I get what you mean but I'm going to be pedantic here. Ordering a curry and keeping it for the following night is both genius and delicious.
  5. John Black signs for Carnoustie, supposedly turning down a Championship club in the process. Got to love ambition.
  6. I was close to red dotting you purely for sharing that. That's fucking harrowing. DFCFAN2000, IMO. Very unlikely, I keep reading 'without Hemmings goals Dundee would have been relegated'. I put it to the masses, playing a season with only ten men would even give Celtic a hard job of avoiding the play offs. It's an absolutely fucking stupid comment. We will be safe. Safer than a quite safe thing.
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