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  1. 28 bus to Charleston and then a short walk through the underpass. I think the number 1 services that go towards ardler and st Mary's would suit too. You can get off them up at the Dunsinane trading estate and it's just a very short walk.
  2. Marcello Marocco needs a nod. Probably the best I've seen in that position in my years going to Dens.
  3. This game has been absolutely gripping. Loving it.
  4. Good game. Decent crowd, excellent visiting turnout. Penalty decision was totally shite but we probably deserved one after recent events. A.much needed 3 points so happy days.
  5. There is more hope than I had on Thursday. It was shite all day and evening yesterday but just going to be grey but mainly dry today. Reckon it should be ok.
  6. French looked half decent tonight for the Ton. He's still ours, right?
  7. I just avoided the weirdo on that one. Obviously it would never be a "forever" scenario. I don't think that would be good for someone who has made over 60,000 posts here in 10 years mental wellbeing. Even a fortnight. NDD would still be exalted as he was in the Roger episode. Roger wasn't even that bad/boring/post way too much.
  8. You two should go for an "I'm Roger' style wager where loser must disappear for an agreed amount of time. Sunday's result? Who finishes higher in the league? Get it on ya pair of fuds.
  9. Cheers for asking this. How does it go down anyway? Is it some sort of stealth flag pinch or a full on frontal flag assault? I'm somewhat confused. Yours Gus Age 51
  10. I really can't see it happening looking at the forecast for the days building up to it. Another heavy precipitation of tears and snotters from the barley harvesters is my prediction.
  11. I'm actually quite pleased there seems to be only a mere toot of a Massey Ferguson as far as the farmers going down looks now. They at least bring a crowd and all the "hate Dundee" stuff is wonderfully quaint. Livi going in the bin is much more attractive for all.
  12. It's a decent result for me I took annual leave for the superbowl.
  13. It's Christmas time Jeemie so I'll let this slide in the spirit of goodwill to all men. Next time there might be rap in the pus repercussions...
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