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  1. INDEED. The fat that in 10 years 70% of the play offs have been won by the 11th place team despite them only making 25% of the teams involved show how much it favours the premier team. It should be semi finals then finals at a neutral venue ( not hampden, that would be shite) but one with suitable capacity and distance from both teams, I get that some years this will be harder than others and your giving the SPFL way to much chance to make an utter c**t of things, but that's how it should be
  2. that is the biggest load of pish I've ever read in this section and there's some competition for that tittle
  3. Exactly, In an ideal world we would have a grass pitch. This is not an ideal world. The money required for a club at our level to maintain a good grass pitch could be better spent elsewhere. that goes for almost every club in Scotland
  4. Well done to the clubs for saying what this really is. A barrier to entry on par with the 10k rule
  5. This is kinda how I feel, whilst there is no traumatic or dramatic incidents of falling out we just are not that close, I can talk to my mum dad and sister in small doses but not any serious socialising. Thing is the 3 of them are all pretty close with each other. My sister lives in England yet they see each other more than me who lives just a couple miles away. maybe it's me lol
  6. Celtic's Colt team play their home games on astroturf at Airdrie & the first team just pumped killie 5-0 in a meaningless end of season game. i doubt it's got anything to do with them tbh
  7. In this green obsessed day and age I wonder what the carbon footprint of running a gas greedy undersoil heating system is for the average club too? also I second the last post Fuckinh fck these cnts
  8. Yeah, if its good enough for the champions league then its good enough for a 0-0 shitefest between us and raith the season aftrr next
  9. Nothing but pandering to the nuggets that lap it up. Clubs with astro pitches have an advantage over those that don't but it's got absolutely f**k all to do with how the ball moves or how it affects players. It's not having to maintain a grass pitch, fork out for for additional training facilities, and run undersoil heating during this peak in energy prices (that shows no sign of going away) that and a healthy dose of deflection. I also suspect that clubs in the premiership have seen how many clubs have made the switch in the last 10 years and are simply trying their luck at imposing another exclusionary rule that could protect them against relegation. f**k them
  10. Slightly off topic but here we go, This is quite an emotive issue since as soon as the word charity appears there is the assumption that everyone and everything involved is free gratis and people taking a wage, especially a large CEO's wage are greedy c***s with no morals . But that will only get you very little, charities essentially have to operate like businesses but instead of distributing the profits to shareholders it gets spent on the charities support cause. To do this you need to employ people with the right skills and experience to maximize your revenue. Think of cancer research or macmillan with their large scale stuff like race for life, tickled pink or getting supermarkets to add the donation function at self scan. Stuff on that scale comes at a cost, which is taken from the charities revenue but that revenue is many multiples of what it would have been if the organisation was run by Susan from the council in her spare time. if you just stand outside Asda rattling tins then you will get f**k all. you can't pay for stuff with the moral high ground. Those employees have mortages, wives and kids to pay for like everyone else and they won't be putting in the work for f**k all when they can make good money elsewhere. welcome to the real world
  11. The mask has truly came off now hasn't it. Wonder if they'l re release " come out ye black & tans " for the 2020's
  12. Aye, I know. But I’m not talking about me going in when I clearly am a bloke - that ones easy to deal with “ excuse me mate, thats the ladies, the gents is round the corner” talking about someone who either is or looks trans, it could be a bit harder calling that one out
  13. Can we seriously address the elephant in the room here, HOW THE f**k IS ANYCUNT EVER MEANT TO ENFORCE SUCH A LAW. Scenario; A person enters a ladies changing facility at a sports centre, they don't look as feminine as other people in the room, one person feels uncomfortable and complains to the manager. The manager then asks that person to come with him( or her I suppose ) and says " that room there is a women's only space, some of the other customers are concerned you may not actually be a women and are worried that you are there for the purposes of sexual gratification" The person replies " well, I am a woman and I have every right to use the women's changing rooms" Manager " ok, well in that case may I see your ID please? Person " Don't have any, I don't drive and don't have a passport either, do I need to show ID to go for a pish in this day & age ffs?" What happens now, does the manager phone the polis - ( we don't have any available officers right now, we could be anywhere between 2- 4 hours to take this call ) does he asks the thing to leave, does he ask they/them to drop their drawers?? What happens when it turns out that the person is in fact a born cis gendered women with a real fanny who just happens to look a bit masculine and she turns and says " I've been made to out to be a deviant, a criminal and a complete c**t off for nae other reason than how I look and you better believe I'll be taking this complaint all the way" behave yourselves
  14. how do they know it was him? he didn't have ID after all
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