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  1. Fairly chuffed for Lando tbf, he seems a decent c**t. Part of me does think Max held back a bit to give his wee pal his moment.
  2. 'Norris Trumps Verstappen'
  3. With Red Bull & Merc both not sold on a second driver for next year, they surely have to be looking at Yuki. Out performs the car almost every week.
  4. Best option is them taking each other out and Piastri coming through to win
  5. The fact Max isn't moaning down the radio suggests he's not too concerned about having to overtake
  6. Looking forward to seeing Lando choke again
  7. Croft & Brundle are broken at Hamilton getting a penalty, delicious
  8. Longest run to date. Probably pushed a bit more than I should've when I realised half distance was achievable! Legs and feet are not thanking me for it but mentally I think reaching it will help going forward.
  9. Buzzing for Yuki getting his point at home!
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