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One year ago today


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In the year of our Lord 2014, patriots of Scotland, starving (there were some pretty big queues outside the polling stations, tbf) and outnumbered (just), charged the polling stations of Scotland. They voted like warrior poets. They (just under half) voted like Scotsmen. And (almost) won their freedom.

That was a little tongue in cheek, before any Unionist gets their boxers in a fankle.






Scottish Independence Referendum

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Results Votes Of total 14px-Yes_check.svg.png Yes 1,617,989 44.7% 14px-X_mark.svg.pngNo 2,001,926 55.3%

Valid votes 3,619,915 99.91% Invalid or blank votes 3,429 0.09%

Total votes 3,623,344 100.00%

Voter turnout 84.59% Electorate 4,283,392

So. A year on from the momentous day - What are your memories of it? Would you vote differently if you knew then what you know now?

For better or for worse, we're a year on from the most exciting day in recent Scottish history. Let's discuss.

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I had voted via postal vote so there was no need to go to the polling station. I had never been so excited by politics...you tube was full of videos, music and concerts and there was a growing sense that independence was achievable. I had my dancing shoes on.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the most gutted I have ever felt about any vote..... still am.

Needless to say I remain a solid yes vote, nothing that has happened in the previous 12 months has even remotely shifted my view that Scotland should be an independent country.

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Fine opening post. Sadly this will turn into a who is more disappointed thread.

It does seem to be missing congratulations to the victors though.

One should always be magnanimous in defeat.

True, but I am always reminded of the quote from the Life of Pyrrhus by Plutarch when The Union Side talk of victory.

The armies separated; and, it is said, Pyrrhus replied to one that gave him joy of his victory that one other such victory would utterly undo him. For he had lost a great part of the forces he brought with him, and almost all his particular friends and principal commanders;

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Despite the disappointing result this was one of the most exciting and more importantly engaged debates in history. I had friends who had never cast a vote before registering and taking part. The trick will be to keep that interest going, which will be hard in the face of a wholly unrepresentative Tory government lording it over an astounding SNP majority.

Positives are that we'd only need a 5% swing next time and nobody will ever trust the BBC again.

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You were on the right side. Just the losing side. ;)

And yes, it'd be the same from me again. I'm not as bothered by the result as some. People went and voted and had their reasons, and it didn't pan out. Shit happens.

I'm not overly bothered, tbf.*

*I've got over deaths in the family quicker :(

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Good opener Fidey, I'll be honest I was shitting myself the whole day, and when the booths closed, we settled down for a beer, eyes fixed on the TV and perhaps expected the worst. Then the exit polls came through and all of a sudden, Facebook, Twitter etc went into overdrive with posts claiming that the No vote had held. The first results started to filter through and the rest is history, no-one could have predicted that the result would have already been decided before the big 3 had been declared, it was amazing. We sang and drank right through until dawn, Friday was a bit of a blur tbh, but remember a feeling of relief more than anything.

Ain't gonna gloat today, there's no need to, some good folk on here who might have polar opposite views to mine, but know they have Scotland's interests first. The Ref has properly stirred things up as Politics go and has perhaps exposed divisions that aren't helpful to our nation in some respects. At least we're discussing the future and some interesting times ahead, that can only be a good thing.

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All last years referendum has achieved is exposing just under half the electorate of Scotland as down right thick. One year on they're still trying to justify following their pathetic pipe dream. It's all been rather hilarious.

Not that you're utterly rattled or seething about the whole matter.

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It was one the proudest moments in my life casting my vote for my country to stand on its two feet.

Whilst I would rather we won a year ago now it is now abundantly clear that indyref1 was not the end of a process but a step towards inevitable independence that will come within most of our lifetimes. Everyone who engaged in it from campaigning to voting can be rightly proud that they played their part for when that day comes.

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