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  1. Really looking forward to this, gonna be a belter. Two good teams on good form that can give it out a bit. Anticipate a bit of needle in this one.
  2. I think he bettered it at Starks last week when he summarised that our 5 attacking substitutes were an effort to try and hold Dundee United to a draw.
  3. Ditto, Firmly want the pars to find some form tonight for both reasons highlighted above.
  4. All for the singing section and finally think they've got the right location for it.
  5. I'm so excited for this game on Friday. I'm of a vintage now where I can really appreciate a top of the table championship clash at a full starks park. I've had to endure some shite over the years so I'm gonna be there early and fuckin enjoy myself. Regardless of the result, these are good times to be a Rovers fan.
  6. I've not been told that the fall out was over a new contract..... if it was then I agree that it is petulant AF from Millen. It may have been about something completely different like umpteen shite defensive performances in a row....
  7. If anyone thinks a player with a few months left on his contract is going to down tools and throw the rattle out the pram.... can't see it myself. Have heard though that Millen and Murray have had a major fall out though, big enough that he has potentially played his last game for us. No idea if true but source is fairly reliable and the signing of Brown would add weight to that.
  8. I think we just need a game of football to play so we can start moaning about actual real stuff.
  9. Regardless of where this will sit on the all time Rovers attendance list, it is a huge game and hopefully the Rovers end is full as it looks like the away end will be.
  10. And so you should be, my query was how confident should you be of having that fully fit squad available before the end of the season.
  11. Aye fair enough. It's a tough balance and I'm glad it's not my decision to make The cost of 2 or 3 championship players wages for 6 months versus costs of a potential season in league 1. No doubt a fully fit squad sees the Pars survive quite comfortably (probably even challenge top 4) but I'm not sure how confident you can be of that happening.
  12. League 1 is the killer for full time clubs. John Sim had said that we had averaged a £150k loss over the 15 or so years he has been in charge at Rovers. When you drill down though, we are fairly sustainable in the championship however the main losses come in the league 1 years. Could be quite critical maintaining your championship status in the next couple of months. I was amazed at the lack of business done by the Pars in January.
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