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  1. Yeah, sorry Ian, but that's just not acceptable if we're serious.
  2. Guess you really can't get anything good for a tenner these days.
  3. Highlight of first half: "C'mon, he's no ******* Baresi"......as Benedictus was spraying balls around the back unchallenged. Superb sir, superb.
  4. Some of our lot shouldn't be allowed in till the season proper starts. Every year man.
  5. I grew up in Zambia, which had as much Scottish football on TV as you'd expect in the late 80s/early 90s. Although I was playing football, I hadn't watched much to that point and when my Grandpa sent over a box of VHS of the whole 1989 U16 World Cup, this 8 year old's obsession was born as I watched the whole tournament (probably 3 months after it finished). The first football team I could recite 1-11 (1-18) was that Scotland team he coached. Loved everything about that tournament, Scotland, plucky Bahrain, first glimpses of Scottish stadiums I'd come to know well years later, Jim Will, Paul Dickov, Craig Brown. Sad at his loss, but forever thankful for those formative football memories he gave me/us. It's been great to read some of the brilliant stories from others on the thread too. Rest easy.
  6. Absolutely this. I stood in a puddle outside Queen St when it was only drizzling and thought my squelchy walk to Central would be the drama for the evening - cos at no point did I think we wouldn't cuff them. Managed to blag a lift back to Dundee at HT - pleased could stay to end to clap us off. What a team they are. Home at 1.45am, feet like Willie Nelson's forehead.
  7. Wout and Wirgil up top is proper tinpot fae the Dutch.
  8. Which is absolutely where Raith were at in L1 (and since) when our thread was full of chat about merits of FT/PT/Hybrid. Best PT players usually better than barrel scraping FT.
  9. Only stumbled in here after exhausting all other available Championship reading. More fool me. Pure gold.
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