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Weirdo zoomers decide to manipulate 2p coins

Mr Bairn

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"Founded last year, the Women’s Equality Party now has 45,000 members."


Aye, right.


It's easy for parties to make grandiose claims of membership size, but a simple look at their accounts returnable gives the game away, which they've a month yet before they have to declare their first ones. Convenient that.


Last year's parliamentary research briefing gave the following confirmed figures per party:


The Scottish National Party has around 110,000 members, as of June 2015.

The Liberal Democrats has 61,000 members, as of May 2015.

UKIP has around 42,000 members, as of January 2015.

The Green Party (England and Wales) has 61,000 members, as of June 2015.


Yet we are supposed to believe that a party that's never fought a single major election somehow has 45 000 members from nothing else but that party's say so & a series of articles all by the Guardian's Heather Stewart that read more like adverts.








This is simply a repeat of the same pish we're seeing up here where Tom Gordon of the Glasgow Herald - a paper already proven to regard truth and honesty as merely sacrificial succulent lamb if it upsets anyone in the Big Hoose - has belched to anyone that will listen that RISE will win seats on a popular crest of a wave next week.


Britain's political journalists are so bored, & so desperate for something, anything new and/or "exciting" to write about, that when some of their old Fourth Estate friends invent some new We Are The Walking Dead party they talk up its popularity in the hope of making it come true.


We've been here before: the Redgrave's backed Workers Revolutionary Party, the Gang of 4's Social Democratic Party, Sir Jammy Fishpaste's Referendum Party, Fester Rancid's Jury Team, etc. My guess is this will go the same way - soon to be dead & no one to give a damn.

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Um, isn't defacing currency technically illegal in the UK?



Yup, read the article. The guys involved have risked prosecution

I'm pretty sure that defacing coins hasn't been illegal for a long time unless you're trying to make it appear like a coin of a higher value.


Women's Equality Party, though?  The thread title got it right.

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