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Celtic v Rangers

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Here we are. The game I won't let the weans go to. 

Hope we absolutely scud this bunch of chancers. We should this time as they no longer have Ronny as their twelfth man and the magic hat appears to have a hole in it these days.  

My biggest worry is Joey Barton. Those tweets, man!

Let's play 8 up front, Brendan. 

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Go away to your forum for this shite, no one else cares.

In there, or in here, others will comment on it anyway. Never stops them posting on Celtic threads even when it's not their team playing so why should this game be any different?
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4 hours ago, Henrik's tongue said:

Disappointing opening salvo tbh :(

The last time Celtic played Rangers:

Celtc walked away with nothing, then the **** 'didn't do walking away' when Hibs walked away with the Scottish Cup.




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44 minutes ago, TheScarf said:

I'll be in London for this. A good time to prove my theory that no one down there cares about this fixture.

I don't care about London, so there. Get that right up them. 

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