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Monday Night Football Thread


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Week 1: Steelers @ Redskins & Rams @ 49ers

Week 2: Eagles @ Bears

Week 3: Falcons @ Saints

Week 4: Giants @ Vikings

Week 5: Buccaneers @ Panthers

Week 6: Jets @ Cardinals

Week 7: Texans @ Broncos

Week 8: Vikings @ Bears

Week 9: Bills @ Seahawks

Week 10: Bengals @ Giants

Week 11: Texans @ Raiders

Week 12: Packers @ Eagles

Week 13: Colts @ Jets

Week 14: Ravens @ Patriots

Week 15: Panthers @ Redskins

Week 16: Lions @ Cowboys

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Starting to get that feeling.  The feeling I have had every year since 2006.  The one where you know that your team has a chance to be a good side but somehow you know they're gonna f**k it up.  It's bad enough, this off-season we've been the least dysfunctional in the NFC East, we have an owner that now realises he's best at counting the money, a proper GM in charge and players that seem to want to be here.

A real chance to throw down the gauntlet early, with Steelers tonight.  But so much history going against us.  Not beat Steelers since 1991, it's Prime Time, with the whole nation watching and Redskins tend to shit the bed when that happens.  Hopefully, not this time.  Skins by 6, with more than 60 points scored between the two teams. 


Second game, Rams by 14.  21-7 or something. 




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Don't think I've ever felt less enthusiasm for a 49ers season starting than for this one. Can't see them managing any more than 3/4 wins, and even that might be optimistic. On nightshift so should hopefully catch a decent chunk of tonight's double header.

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