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  1. We're in a decent position but a long way from being "defo top 3". 3rd place had 56 points last year, we would need to win 5 from 7 to pass that.
  2. Andy Murray wins his first match since October.
  3. Personally I would say yes, but I'm also quite happy Peasy have played them twice and have the 6 points in the bag. Always worth looking at points dropped when teams are all over the place in games played. Shotts 15 Ashfield & Johnstone Burgh 16 Drumchapel 21 Peasy 27 Buffs, Glencairn and Kilbirnie 29 Blantyre & St. Roch's 30 Thorniewood 33 Neilston 36 Maybole 38 Renfrew 42 Cambuslang 45 Whitletts 53 Lots of games still to be played between promotion contenders, we have Shotts twice plus the Burgh away. We are fortunate in that we don't have any midweek games, that can always cause problems with player availability and fatigue.
  4. Some round, 9 birdies no bogeys for a 62 to win by 3. Why does Cantlay always look as if he has just been told his dog is dead?
  5. Defo, lots of defenders ball watching at both goals.
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