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  1. Work starts at Petershill Park next week to widen the pitch and upgrade the floodlights. The lights will be 800 lux, which is SFA Gold licence standard. Glasgow City are footing the majority of the bill.
  2. It's all getting a bit Armstrongesque for me tbh.
  3. Great watch, we all know a bit about Butch the coach and pundit, but he really lays Butch the person bare on this.
  4. No. He either has to go through Qualifying or be in the top 60 in the OWGR by 10th June.
  5. Bob is 73rd in the FedEx, it wasn't updated when you looked. He also went from 84th to 75th on the OWGR.
  6. Great shot by Bob, could do with holing the putt. Rory goes for a swim.
  7. Yep, with 7 minutes to play with he just needs to be following the right wheels, no need to be pushing too hard.
  8. Thomas & co managed to hold the gap to under 3 minutes, but the only way Pogacar isn't winning this is if he has a bad crash. (Which tbh was already the case before today)
  9. Pogacar wins the stage and his overall lead will be pushing 8 or 9 minutes by the time it's done.
  10. And he's picked up 45 seconds over Thomas and the rest in 2km.
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