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What a site

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 "and has even driven a man to suicide by doing her guilt trip thing after they ended the relationship"

"I would sit and listen to her talk about cheating on her boyfriends with 2 and 3 different men a month, and laugh over the drama it caused with her."

Great banter 

She's surprised that a whore who "already knew she had a few different things, and just never cared enough to treat it" slept with her boyfriend.

"She really is a sweet girl at the surface."

You didn't need to mention that, it's abundantly clear 

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The guy's page is a hoot as well. First one on the list, Anis Habib - has some pretty serious accusations made against him. Then scroll down a few profiles to Mohsun Haziz, and ta da, the very same accusations word-for-word. It's almost like someone is using the site to post racist bile!

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