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Lthv 17/18

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5 hours ago, Hoofhearted said:


Aye that's right. He was desparate to move the game. He even suggested the rugby ground along the road.


Aye I mind about it quite funny him getting caught going through the fence:lol: some place City Park that grass slope was deadly went to a few of your cup ties there but I wasn't at the St Mirren game.


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12 hours ago, THEORACLE said:

When will Lothian actually make an effort to get out of the EOS a team this good over the last few years is truly wasted in this league

All the best to hutchy


No money is the main obstacle but plans are there. Plus I think lthv would like to renovate Saughton but tynecastle probably have ideas of their own for it. Imo both clubs should work together on Saughton to bring it up to lowland standard. 

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9 hours ago, Midnight Runner said:

Heard Peebles were impressive on Saturday and 4-3 result flattered a high flying Heston team as it was 4-1 on 90 mins according to report. Good luck to Peebles tomorrow, should be a decent game, assume pitch all fine?

Yeah, forecast is ok too so should be game on. One for metal studs as it's really soft. 

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Let me get this right: the game is all-ticket (i.e. a capacity has been set), the SFA have looked at and are satisfied with the arrangements for the game, but bold St Mirren have concluded that it is "not suitable to safely accommodate the St Mirren support"? Well, they should elaborate: what is unsafe? That's a serious allegation. Presumably if they feel their supporters are at risk of injury or death they won't be taking tickets?

All they actually specify is that there isn't much parking. In my experience there's as much parking in and around Saughton as at several SPFL grounds never mind non-league grounds and the area is well-served by buses & trams.

This is LTHV v St Mirren, not Public Park XI v Manchester United.

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