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Lthv 17/18

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1 hour ago, San Starko Rover said:

Hopefully they’re ready should they win as it’s not good for the Pyramid if they block the path for 2 seasons.

They didn't actually block it last season as the best placed licensed team was Coldstream in 5th.  It would be a bad situation this season if they prevent Kelty from going up and it could become a huge problem longer term.  Even if Kelty get promoted this season then LTHV could still keep blocking teams if they remain unlicensed in the future.  

Unfortunate situation when you have a team who had such a successful cup run (including beating SPFL teams) who are stuck down in level six.  Even if LTHV become licensed then the problem may not go away as you still have Leith unlicensed (and with no plans at all to become licensed as far as I'm aware) but LTHV are clearly the biggest issue here.

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Highest-placed licensed club should participate in the playoff, IMO, perhaps 'capped' in some way (e.g. provided finished within top 4).

That was the plan originally, but the Lowland League clubs were able to change the rules.

Definitely needs to be changed, 4th sounds reasonable in a 13-16 team league and it would stop teams blocking the way (not just LTHV I’m sure there’s a possibility of a decent Junior team joining but not being license). Obviously we want to see a pyramid that flows encouraging ambitious Juniors or Amateurs to join.
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3 hours ago, leomessi1984 said:

Where is best to park should the game go ahead?

There's lots of street parking around ground. If you Google fords road should find something in that area. There's a tram stop at balgreen which has street parking spaces also I think. It's been a wet evening so fear the worst but you never know. 

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