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We’re now a quarter of the way through the season and we’re still top with Peterhead hot on our heels.

We’re 11 points within the play-off places and then 20 points ahead of bottom placed Albion.

Do you think it’s safe to say we’re not relegation contenders this season without jinxing it? [emoji3]



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2 hours ago, Tenkay said:

Jake, can I ask what mode of transport your on your way in?   

Are you travelling on the back of a tortoise?

careful now, remember the hare and the tortoise...

Stirling Albion are actually travelling by Scotrail! 

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A Clyde fan attempting to take a moral high ground? Seen it all now.

Not taking the moral high ground, just asking why he directly claimed Thomson wasn’t a paedophile. I’m still waiting on any kind of response as you can imagine. . .
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