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Horrific club sandwiches


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I generally put a bit of effort into my sandwiches so they're usually something to look forward to, but today I had to run to make the bus so by the time I got to work my beautiful sandwich looked as though it had been buttered with a land-mine. The worst thing was that I noticed the state it was in as I put it in the canteen fridge  so I spent all morning absolutely seething.

I'll be taking the Lexus from now on.

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No wonder you can't get your nat king if that's the type of sandwich you're offering up!
When you were single, was thr sandwich platter often a deal maker/breaker?

Was there often a sandwich(es) offered?

When did you make the sandwiches?

What if it was an impromptu opportunity?

Did they involve cold toast?

So many questions....
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I bring you Tesco's Wicked Kitchen range of sandwiches and wraps - the ultimate one-biters.

Picked up one of the Fiery Tofu and Slaw ones a while back because I thought it might have a bit of a kick to it and it was yellow-stickered. Win-win, right?

Wrong. "Fiery" my left nut.

Bland vegan pish. Slung it.

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