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We Welcome The Chase

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You should just takeover the Jambos' previous thread. I'm sure a mod would oblige.
Fully deserved and your run of fixtures in December are favourable.

The day I listen to a bigot like you is the day I cut my own throat.
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1 hour ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:

This may go the same way as the Jambo's thread . . .

Probably but we'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I personally don't think we will finish higher than third to be honest but you have to dream.  All the indicators are that we are not just a flash in the pan like the Jambos.  

Clarke's league record since getting the job on 14th October 2017 is:

Played - 46

Won - 24

Draws - 12

Losses - 10

Points - 87.

In the same period Celtic have taken 89 points (played 44 games) and Sevco have taken 83 points (played 45 games).  

Currently we've lost 1 in 10 and have had 4 straight clean sheets.

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4 hours ago, Romeo said:

I for one welcome our new Ayrshire overlords.


Poor SC won't even know Killie are top, he said before the last game he doesn't look at the table....someone better tell him



Brendan Rodgers says a lot of things too, I take it you believe all of them?

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