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Third versus first

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2 minutes ago, Drew Brees said:


Did at first but was a lot closer on second viewing. His trailing leg caught the killie player and that was closer to being inside the box. Tight call be no complaints.


Yah, after a second viewing I agree with you.  These things happen

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5 minutes ago, kennysmassiveego said:

Celtic tv is funny

every Killie tackle is a booking

every Celtic player tackled and a free kick given is soft 

They were so busy saying Celtic should have had a penalty that they almost missed Forrest's goal there

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A small blip in an otherwise excellent season. 

We tried to set up the way we usually do against Celtic - keeping it tight and hoping to hit them on the break. The early goal didn't help, and Celtic have been tremendous today. They were bound to find a solution some day, having struggled with our game plan every other time!

It's a sore one, but to go away to Celtic and get a 5th result in a row against them was a big ask. 

Chance to go top again vs Dundee,  then we can hope Celtic drop points on the Sunday away to Hibs. 

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