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CM 01/02 revisisted- random memories and players


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How good were Marvin Andrews and Sanchez Broto at Livi in this game? Utterly superb. Think one game I had got Andrews on a bosman and he was still playing top stuff until the age of 39. Praise gaaaawd.


We all know Taribo West, Guardiola and even Alain Sutter as great starting bosman signings but who else lit up your game,?

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22 minutes ago, gaz5 said:

Kim Kallstrom and Kennedy Baciriiglou as well as a few other younguns from Sweden. Andreas Granqvist as well actually.

There were some quality cheap players in that game. emoji846.png

Bakircioglu just retired last month. Hammarby fans gave him a good send-off.

Another quality young Scandinavian was Mads Jorgensen - sadly had to retire young due to injuries.

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There's been a few of these threads already - before anyone asks again, you can download the game for free from Sports Interactive, and you need to install the last patch they released before it'll work on modern machines. If you search around, I seem to remember that somebody altered the game to use modern league/cup structures, and you can download up-to-date squads and stuff. Out of curiosity, does anyone on here still rate players for SI?

Stephen McPhee became Scotland's all-time top goalscorer in one of my games. Due to an odd quirk of timing, Livingston's Rolando Zarate would eventually qualify to play for Scotland through residency, and would be another quality goalscoring option. Kerr, Ferguson and (I think) Colin Cameron were immense in midfield.

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I spent an entire summer playing through it as Ross County and in no way was it a waste.

Mads Timm was an absolute fiend in front of goal for me alongside Maxim Tsigalko. They were worth around 150+ goals a season.

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I never seemed to get success with Mark Kerr on 01/02, but that probably says more for how crap I was at the game rather than his perceived brilliance.  I would always sign Onesimo on a free transfer though and he seemed to score a barrel load.  I also bought Stephen McPhee once and he did really well before receiving a worldwide ban for battering the ref in a game!

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On 12/18/2018 at 16:47, GroundskeeperWillie said:

I also bought Stephen McPhee once and he did really well before receiving a worldwide ban for battering the ref in a game!

I don't think I even realised that was something that could happen!  :unsure2:

Wait...wasn't there a config file or something that you could edit in order to turn on random rare events like that? I seem to remember SI didn't have it enabled by default as they were worried they'd take heat from some humourless pro if he discovered that he'd buggered a chimp in someone's game.

(for example)

Edit: the infamous ARSE command!  :lol:

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1 hour ago, G_Man1985 said:
4 hours ago, Allan Jacobsen said:
Stefan Ishizaki
Sharbel Touma
Not sure if this was the same CM but Marek Szmid
Andri Sigþórsson (again, not sure if CM 01/02)

The bottom two I don't remember

Szmid was a RM, I believe. Sigþórsson was a wonder striker. I have a feeling they may have been 99/00. Sigþórsson ended up retiring due to a bad knee injury, running a load of bakeries and acting as an agent for his brother Kolbeinn, who is at Nantes and has barely played the last couple of years due to a bad knee injury too.

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Did anyone else always pinch Michael Dunwell from Bishop Auckland? What an absolute star, if you could get Tsigalki with him they were unstoppable.

Ayr were bloody great for a player too. Neil Sally as a DM, Pat McGinley for a season, Teale, Grady, Annand and Paul Sheerin especially were superb.

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My abiding memory of this game was a couples a season I played as Arsenal manager. I didn't even want to manage them but they beat my Man United team to the title by 1 point. So, in the huff,  I took over Arsenal, sold all their best players and played the players that were left in the wrong positions. After the inevitable relegation I was going to try and take them down even further but whilst looking at tranfer targets put in a cheeky bid for Ronaldinho and managed to get him! So, thought why no see how he plays in the Championship, partly rebuilt the squad and managed to get promoted back the Premier league.  The real fun was the summer when Barcalona decided they wanted to buy him. First bid was something like £60M, which I turned down but they kept on bidding, and bidding and bidding. Eventually reaching a peak of £120M, which I hadn't seen before and never happened again (probaly not a record, but it was fun for me).

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