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B**bag of the year award


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We should all think about posting when drunk or straight after a game when a bit excitable

That would stop as all being a Bawbag for a minute..... I’ve been there...... ask my auld pal Talbot 1978!!!!!

Aww Dave, here was me thinking we were best pals[emoji23]


Tbh I have seen you post apologies for your behaviour more than you comment.


So.... 🤪


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Merry xmas ( none of that Happy holidays shite!!) mate, and a great New Year


Now I’ve been nice, tell your players to show the spirit of xmas and not be too nasty out at the girodome on Saturday

Same to you Bul,


Re : Saturday game I can't see nice things happening especially now King Buggerlugs is the manager [emoji16]


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