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  1. that’s why you don’t belong at the club. And here was me thinking, the 2 year old wean kicking a ball about during a game, to the older supporter who cannot manage to stand for 90 minutes, all belong to the club.How many people have been told you don't belong at the club?
  2. "a big lad but very hesitant at corners and cross balls, be surprised if 1st choice for a team like Talbot" Big Andy's confidence grew having the best defensive record more seasons than most teams. A big young goalie grew into the Talbot team and owned the position and deservedly so.
  3. Mmm... goalkeeper reminds me of someone else at that age.
  4. Licensing applications will re-open after the AGM, however the application fee will go up from the current £2000 to £5000 and will then increase each year thereafter in line with inflation. 150 percent rise! Fcuking scandalous.
  5. Well done to all the prize winners and a thank you to Jim Baxter for the time and effort you put into organising this competition.Will be back next season with my donation
  6. I do not know if the player pics are predictions for 24/25 or actual awards for 23/24.If they are awards they are on the wrong thread.Too many threads?
  7. Arthurlie 2 1 Beith Juniors Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 1 3 Largs Thistle Neilston 1 3 Thorniewood United Craigmark Burntonians 2 2 Bonnyton Thistle Kello Rovers 0 4 Lesmahagow Juniors Lugar Boswell Thistle 2 1 Glenvale
  8. The pie man's 11 0 5 The Talbot
  9. If somebody somewhere decides there should be an EGM, open to all. Will the pie man be selling tickets for it online?
  10. All teams that are ambitious and good enough to go up have achieved, well done. Had my team blown the league in February, user's on here would have been out with their gattling guns! Just sayin.
  11. You really couldn't make this shit up! Should be called Dallas not Darvel.
  12. It's the penultimate week. Now or never folks. Good luck everyone! Post-it placed on brow, thanks for the reminder.☺
  13. Fixed that for you after your attempt to have a go at me with similar pish at 5 30 am! ☺ Gee it a bye noo grammar policeman.
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