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Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

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18 hours ago, Frank Grimes said:

Just ten years?

We were decent during the Calderwood era - which was ten years hence (although not in the domestic cups).

McGhee then managed to make us even worse than that decade for a couple of years.............before Brown restored us to mere mediocrity for another couple.

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50 minutes ago, Moonglum25 said:

Aberdeen now shitting themselves - odds have dropped  Sheep -4 now 13/4 from 5/1 and -5 now 7/1 from 12/1.

McGuigan hat trick

I think you’ll find it’s the bookies that are now shitting themselves 

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Guest Bob Mahelp

Lots of pitter patter up until the 18 yard line then it all fizzles out, usually with a shitey cross. 

Aside from the goal their keeper has hardly been tested.

I appreciate it's the first game after the break, but we could do with upping our game slightly.


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HT: Borefest so far. The fact that there's only a goal in it the only thing keeping it remotely interesting imo. 

Dons with ~90% possession, largely passing side to side with Stenny evidently happy to sit back and play damage limitation. They've offered nothing from the exception of two wild over the bar efforts. 

Dons' final ball has been really poor though, GMS being the main offender.  Goal was very well worked though; good moves skipping through the left side of the box and squaring it for a pretty basic thump in. 

Should probably be 3-0 given the sheer one sided-ness though. With such a cavalier performance you'd think this was a preseason friendly.  Poor lonely Lewis comes up to the centre circle for somebody to talk to during some stops of play. 

And Graeme Smith still can't keep a goal kick in the park. 

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I’d get McLennan on for McGinn for a bit of pace. Get Wilson or May on for Cosgrove. For a bit of confidence building.

So comfortable, yet dull, dull, predictable, at the moment.

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