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St Mirren v Dundee United

Lola montez

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7 minutes ago, Lex said:

HT 0-2

Lucky it’s only 2 tbh.

Standard and expected shambles from the PE Teacher’s St Mirren. We are getting run over in all areas of the park by a team in the league below us at our own ground.

Our best player so far is Hladky, he must have made 3 or 4 good saves. 2 of them were just before we conceded the first , it’s been a half of shooty in.

We have nothing going for us anywhere else, Dundee Utd keeper hasn’t been worked at all.

I was going to say the only positive is that it’s only 1 so remarkably we are still kinda in it. Then they scored on half time so that’s that fucked too.

Get Kearney to f**k, useless.



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United look better than Well did midweek, but that may also be down to us being worse. 

Bizarre team selection and we are getting just what we deserve. 

How Tansy and Flynn are starting before McAllister is a mystery. 

And Duckens before either Mullen or Jackson where did that come from based on his performance on Wednesday. 

Bizarre all round. 

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Scoreline flatters us. Credit to United though as they have played really well.

We've got big problems, we've caused United zero problems and looked ropey at the back.

If we're going to get beat I at least expect a bit of fight. On more than one occasion players have stopped to claim for fouls. Infuriating.

Our game (and his St. Mirren career to date) was summed up when we had a corner, Tansey was shouting demanding that Dreyer come for a short corner and play a 1-2. Dreyer obliges. Tansey offside. Idiot.

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FT 1-2

Too little too late. Quite a strange second half. Game was petering out to nothing and then a United player decided to stick his studs in Ryan Flynn’s chest. Correctly sent off.

Game on. We push them back and get a deserved goal from a big deflection and then have a few chances to get the equaliser.

No composure and no dice though, and overall we certainly deserved to lose.

That’s 6 defeats against full time teams on the bounce now. Not even close to good enough.

Oran Kearney must go.

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At least we made a game of it in the second half.

United probably still deserved the win but we were by far the better side after half time even before the red card.

We were a bit fortunate mind you. McGinn's challenge on Smith was a red all day long. Who knows what Collum was watching to only give a yellow.

Kearney needs to shoulder the blame for today's defeat. Like midweek he picked a rotten starting line up and was forced into early subs. McAllister is by some distance the most talented player we've got, he might drift in and out of games but he is also the most likely player to create something. He simply has to start. 

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3 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:

Are we talking Morelos style from the other night or De Jong style from the 2010 World Cup? Because only one of them is a red card offence...

Haha. Not quite as bad as De Jong. Both players had high feet, but Butcher came in with his studs showing and went right through Flynn. 

There weren't many complaints to be fair.

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