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Junior Cup Final

Talbot supporter

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36 minutes ago, Talbot supporter said:
1 hour ago, glensmad said:
Ayr is about halfway between Largs and Lochee ?

Think he means if it's a Talbot Hurlford final then somerset is halfway for both teams.

I think we all knew what he meant, lol.

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Not wishing to bam up my own fellow fans but for Petes sake these are the type of comments that are ammunition for lochee.  Let's address these two games first.

Agree 100%. Roll on Saturday. Come on the chee
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the good old sjfa has messed up the semi finals with the two legged junk , so why not the final as well ? each leg instead of an aggregate score make it two points a win one point a draw , if its a tie on points have a play off at the nearest junior ground to the second leg venue if that games ends up a tie decide the winner by the flip of a coin ..

sounds reasonable to me and i'am sure the Sjfa would endorse it

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9 minutes ago, CopaMundials said:

Come on , announce this all Ayrshire final at Somerset on the grass .

Would be sensational.  Market it as a retro fitba experience to matk the dying of the light of a once great competition. 

Edited by Shanner
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if its talbot v hurlford in the final 

it will be the first time in the cups' history that the two finalists from the preceding year

have made it back to the final ( u need the luck of the draw obviously )

although this year it has been made slightly easier without the east top teams

and virtually everyone getting a 1st rd bye

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