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  1. They looked like a technically decent side who didn't really fancy mixing it. Give us another seven games where we can easily outwork the opposition like that and we'll be championees. Sadly you only get a couple of games like that a season in this league.
  2. I can't think of any examples of us winning four games in eight days. Not every opponent will be as half arsed as Gartcairn tonight although I sincerely hope they are!
  3. Beith will win 4-3. Nothing surer
  4. HT now. As comfortable as it gets. Gartcairn don't look arsed.
  5. Written by someone that's not as capable as they think at masking their shitey attitude behind smarmy corporate language but thinks they've played a blinder. An absolute two bob outfit.
  6. Couldn't mark their necks with a blowtorch. I can't wait to learn of the outcome of Darvel's rigorous and thorough internal investigation.
  7. the absolute state of this from Darvel in response to a fan questioning the lack of disabled facilities.
  8. Junior Takeover thread for ad hominem attacks plz.
  9. Arthurlie 1 Auchinleck 4 Gartcairn 2 Hurlford 0 Maybole 2 St Rochs 2 Larkhall 2 Cumbernauld 3 West Park 0 Lanark 2 BSC Glasgow 1 Giffnock 1
  10. I agree about Gartcairn. Time will tell about yer man .
  11. This seems like a non-issue based on what you're saying. I get the impression that nothing he could ever say or do would make you change your mind about him.
  12. Has the guy actually said that the only thing that matters is social media or something? Surely having decent socials is a necessity these days and the people currently criticising would be triumphantly proclaiming him a dinosaur if he said it was unimportant. Just looking for what he said in it's original context.
  13. Just need to keep plugging away. No cups to distract us now sadly.
  14. It will be remembered by everyone as a nightmare ending for Beith if they fail to clinch it from this position. In 2018 we had a hand on the trophy and blew it on the home straight ourselves by failing to take three points from Pollok and Cumnock. That's just the pressure that comes with being the frontrunner and favourite and I'd love to swap places with Beith at this point. I don't really blame the normal Beith fans for being coy though. There's nothing to gain by shooting your mouth off no matter how confident you actually feel.
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