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Dens Park - generally a 'happy hunting ground' for as long as I've watched the dandies, with just the very odd blip.

We weren't great there early on in the season and only won with a late GMS penalty - Dundee played some bonnie fitba that day, but were totally dickless.

They look like they're probably due a win, and we can normally be good opponents for such teams - see Hamilton's recent away record as an example  P 10 W 1 D 0 L 9

Nevertheless, we looked a bit better without being great last night, so think we'll have enough to win by a goal....

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4 hours ago, SpiderDee said:

Nope - which makes his drop to the subs bench against St Johnstone even more bizarre !

McIntyre GTF !!!

Don't be silly Spider, JM has come to understand that Nelson and Wright have become fast friends so when he decided that NELSON should start on the bench, and not make an appearance until we are 2 goals down he simply had to keep him company with his new best pal Wright.

Taxi for JM, Woods, and Horsfield please!!!

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