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Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

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Heckys heroes v shoogly peg Neil (if the sheep turn them over later today)?

Or all conquering Neil Lennons triumphant return (second time) one week after securing a Scottish Cup final berth and almost clinching the league ?

Also, will we have another buckfast and pyro fest?


lets hope so !!





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19 minutes ago, Bohemian said:

Will there be a march by both set of fans to commemorate the Easter rising? I hope so...



The boys of the East Stand are arranging a paramilitary-style 21-bottle salute in commemoration.

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Easter Rising commemorations on Easter Sunday at Easter Road. :wub:

Usually I just take along my tri flag in these games, but can see myself going full rebel with my IRA gear which has been gather dust in the wardrobe. Shall do my best not to well up when Kevin Barry comes blaring through the PA system. Oh, who am I kidding. :bairn

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19 minutes ago, Flybhoy said:

Hopefully the Easter Road PA will play Boys of the Old Brigade as both teams come out.

I'll bring in my Irish Rebel Songs LP. We can play it throughout the 90 minute hug and huddle session. :wub:

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42 minutes ago, Pet Jeden said:

The Irish are a very literate people. You're letting them down badly.

Sir, are you implying that we immigrants are not capable of speaking the language?

This would be a downright racist implication if so, and admins (plural) will become involved without a swift retraction and apology.

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