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Ultimate limit of human endurance found

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Scientists have found the ultimate limit of human endurance.  It's 2.5 times the bodies resting metabolic rate or 4,000 calories per day


This science is all very well but what are the *real* limits of human endurance?

- Reading the Junior section of P&B for more than 4 minutes

- Talking about  football to a Scottish person who claims to support Liverpool or Man Utd because Scottish football is shite

What are the limits of P&B human endurance?

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Guest Moomintroll
Not stabbing anyone who starts a sentence with "So". 
So, what size of knife are you talking about then? Safe to say, everyone is aware of my endurance limit.
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12 hours ago, Tony Ferrino said:

Continually chasing this cat from our garden as it eyes up the young birds who have just fledged. I know it’s not the cats fault.

Chase it out of town. Clearly a beast.

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19 hours ago, tamthebam said:

Having to play Clyde FC once let alone 6 times a season.

Fortunately solved by their promotion to test the endurance of League 1 fans now.

Taking the play -off scudding well I see. :lol: 

Being stuck behind a slow walker on a narrow path and being unable to pass them for any more than a couple of seconds. You should be allowed to throw them onto the road without being charged for attempted murder. 

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