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Dundee vs Arbroath

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Can't wait for this. Troll Inn for 11 then Clep at 1 to meet the usual Dundee crew.

Imagine we will approach it the same way as we did Tannadice. The Dens faithful aren't the most patient, completely cruised the last game and there were still frustrated boos from the home end.

We didn't turn up at Dens at all last game so hopefully do this time.

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Play-off battles, you gotta love 'em. Too bad the one time Arbroath overperform in the Championship I can't enjoy it as they're a threat to us.

Two consecutive clean sheets and wins for us which is great, but both were against the bottom 2 sides in the league. Should have enough to see this through given our performances both of late and against Arbroath all season (hopefully in a similar or more emphatic way) but I'll not be caught underestimating the Lichties. Will be nice to see Wighton playing at Dens again, though there'll probably a stick-on goal for him lol.

Hopefully Dens will have its best atmosphere for some time. Partick atmosphere was good but it'll be fuller and more positive next week. Blood red shirts on too, which will be nice. Another win here and things will really start to look bright. Mon the Dee!

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Really looking forward to this one 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻 Should be a great game, to be involved in a playoff battle at this stage of the season  is remarkable when most folk expected us to at the bottom, some didn’t even expect us to even win a game, I am going 2-2 to keep our excellent run going 

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3 hours ago, Shadow Play said:

Surely McDaid will be dropped for this one?  I can’t remember the last time he had a decent game for us, yet he appears to be one if the first names on the team sheet.

Thought he's been performing fine as a wing-back in recent weeks. Wouldn't be averse to giving Field a run out but I'd keep things as is, personally.

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This is usually where, after a decent coupe of results, we are looking for a third win to build momentum and we lose 1-0. 
Wighton to score must be odds on at any bookies with a bit of sense???

Be interesting to see how Wighton does for us at Dens. Think Bobby struggled a wee bit at the last game with being an ex Dee and the attention he was getting for that, didn't seem himself. Hopefully Wighton can relax, enjoy himself and play the way he's been playing.

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