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relegation haunted Alloa v championship challengers ICT

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Although past performances, most recent in particular, is not necessarily a harbinger of fortunes to come, it seems to me that this game of football is a very important one in the context of the season.

Away wins in Clackmannanshire and Tayside would spark, if not panic, perhaps some interest.

If only we had some form between Alloa and Inverness to guide us.

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That was fantastic! Great to see grant going with pace up front to get in behind ICT defence. Could have easily been four or five today. Only one team playing football today, Parry just takes so much pressure off the defence coming for crosses. Buzzing:-)

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Thought alloa played well today, and I actually  think flannagan not playing allowed us to get the ball forward quicker as some of the play in the 1st half especially was great to watch.  They defended well also especially taggart who I thought was immense,   scott banks looks a player and had to great efforts after some great footwork. But I think hetherington was my MOM, but all played really well 

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Just now, Snafu said:

We've played Alloa about 50 times this season, they were going to win at least one of these at some point.

No doubt the Alloa fans will be supporting us on Tuesday night?

Aye.............bounce back after today's disappointing result , it's written in the stars

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