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Music from games of old

Karpaty Lviv

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Haven’t checked if this has been done so apologies if it has.

Tiger Woods 2004 came into my mind earlier and I remembered that as well as being a class game, it also had class tunes. Thankfully, someone has uploaded the songs onto a playlist on Spotify. Same for Smackdown Shut Your Mouth and Fifa 98. 

What were your favourites? Might find out that the playlist has been put together on Spotify for you to enjoy.

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Hope you don't mind but I am going to go on a tangent here. Rather than the modern tradition of using existing tracks for soundtacks I'm going to list links for original music created for games and in particular C64 music which, hands down, some of the greatest tracks ever made. Although I am a fan of chip tunes in general.

Here are some links:

Slay Radio, 24/7 streaming C64 music - Website: https://www.slayradio.org/home.php / Direct Link: https://www.slayradio.org/tune_in.php/128kbps/slayradio.128.m3u

Kohina, similar to Slay, but covers all 8-bit systems and chip tune stuff - Website: http://www.kohina.com / Direct Link: http://kohina.duckdns.org:8000/stream.ogg.m3u

For Spotify, you can find tons of C64 stuff from the great composers such as Rob Hubbard: https://open.spotify.com/album/7FSkcBbk4pQgCE6TAV0xss, Martin Galway: https://open.spotify.com/album/6R3H6LSD3oknlcTXY7iDk1

Along with the originals, there are a ton of C64 remixes, as you'd expect, with ROK being a great resource for these: https://remix.kwed.org/

On YouTube Rolf Bakke has a decent playlist of C64 tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J8tiAF6JEk&list=PLXhLeiiveJmNhFf5ShVwwXspGfgt-ww8cIf you want to download the files in original SID format (but niche, but there are reasons if you are a fan) then HSVC has almost every single SID ever created - more than 50,000 of them! https://www.hvsc.c64.org/


Finally, let me provide a couple of links to Reyn Ouwehand, who was a well known composer on the C64 version who did a live sequenced version of both WIzball and Green Beret tunes. Stunning stuff, imo.

So, I apologise @Karpaty Lviv if you feel I've hijacked this a little but I am all over C64 tunes and will take any opportunity to spam threads about them!

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2 hours ago, Empty It said:

Most old fifa's had a quality sound track up until about 2004. The sound track on GTA San Andreas & Vice City were also very decent.

MSX FM on GTA 3 was a decent drum and bass track. It’s on YouTube. I mind having long conversations with Breaking Decency who used to post here about it amongst other things. What happened to him?


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Two pieces of retro video game music performed with aplomb:

1) Duck Tales on the Nes had a moon level with my favourite chip tune. I think this guy built his own 'chipophone'.






2) Sight-reading of Super Mario World's 'Athletic Theme'. Reminds me of the first encounter with Yoshi. Amazing neck-beard. Going by the comments the performer was in a car crash years ago and is in a bad way, sadly.



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