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  1. I agree. A good domestic player but not going to cut it against decent international teams. Not saying that makes Adams a great choice but he is the only choice right now IMO.
  2. Do you not think he's maybe doing a captain's job of backing up his teammates when they've had a hard time of it?
  3. We went from a national embarrassment of a performance on Friday to a very respectable one tonight. It's not our best XI and the Swiss are clearly pretty decent. Both teams went for it and both were let off a few times. Good game in the end.
  4. McGinn's been the invisible man for several games now. Needs to step up or be dropped IMO.
  5. No, McTominay is successful because he plays in midfield making those runs into the box. If he was a better striker he'd be playing there.
  6. Our midfield are having a game at least. We actually look like a bit of a football team through the middle. The defence though, not so much.
  7. It's a national tradition to concede the stupidest fucking goals. It's like watching our club teams.
  8. There's a good flash sale on over at Master of Malt. Talisker Port Ruighe on for a tempting £38.94 among other decent looking deals. I can also recommend the Yellowstone bourbon at £36.
  9. GiGi


    I think that was a decent final. Been better snooker played but it was entertaining.
  10. GiGi


    https://sportingintelligence832.substack.com/p/headline-in-here-please?r=g21kd&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&triedRedirect=true Not sure if already posted but nonetheless, great investigative piece here on the John Higgins NotW stitch up, for those who still believe him guilty of matchfixing.
  11. That is a sensational deal. Very good stuff that. I've had other Rock Island (formerly Rock Oyster) variations and they've all been great.
  12. GiGi


    Higgins has got out of jail there, that session could easily have been 7-1 with how badly outplayed he was.
  13. GiGi


    Jammy fucker. What a session this would be if you're near the divide.
  14. GiGi


    Radzi on Eurosport talking to Higgins about his self belief. "Do you not realise you're John Higgins?" Excellent.
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