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Tickets for Denmark game?


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Having been contacted by the SFA by email today to let me know that additional tickets had been released for Scotland v Denmark at Hampden next month, and not having purchased tickets for the match last time round, I thought, ‘oh why not, might as well grab myself a couple.’

Presented with a time-limited window for purchasing tickets from the SFA website, I found to my dismay that my BOS debit card was declined, not once but twice, and I was unable to purchase the tickets I'd held in my basket. Having sufficient funds in my account, I contacted the Bank to establish the reason for the card being declined. I was told that the SFA have not updated their anti-fraud protections on their website - they are apparently not yet using SCA (strong customer authentication) - and the existing protections on the site are not sufficient to meet the Bank's new security protocols. I was advised to contact the SFA to request that they update their anti-fraud protections (as if that’s my responsibility), and arrange payment by another method (not possible given the limited availability and time frame).
Quite something that the Bank of Scotland won't approve debit and credit card payments to the Scottish Football Association. The adjective 'tinpot' barely covers it..
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On 29/10/2021 at 14:52, Pie Of The Month said:

It's nice of the SSC to email folk with less than half an hour's notice of them going on sale.

To be fair, they were on sale months ago. People just decided not to buy them then. Same with the Israel game.

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