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djchapsticks FM22 World Tour


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Something I love about FM is the ability to do a proper journeyman save. OTIG's thread from last year is absolutely tremendous and is an ongoing source of entertainment.

My own story is going to be nowhere near as driven in terms of being completionism but I've decided this year that in being a journeyman, I'm going to build up from the very bottom. I want to win as much stuff on my travels as I possibly can. I will try and tie myself to no more than 3-4 seasons per club  in true journeyman fashion and I want to win everything available in terms of continental trophies on all 6 continents both at club and international level. 


I've started with a massive amount of tiny leagues switched on, no experience to speak of and no job. The leagues will rotate in and out as my experience grows and I fancy new countries to manage in but it's fair to say that part on will definitely be a tour of the islands.


Let's see where we end up:




Edited to add the journey so far:

  • Season 2021/22 - Awesome FC (St. Vincent) - SVG Championship 1st place - Resigned
  • Season 2022/23 - Paradise (BRB) (Barbados) - Digicell Premier League 2nd place, Barbados knockout cup - Won
  • Season 2023/24 - Paradise (BRB) (Barbados) - Digicell Premier League 1st place, Barbados knockout cup - Won - Resigned
  • Season 2024/25 - Henderson Eels (Solomon Islands) - S-League 1st Place, Solomon Knockout championship - Won, OCL Qualification Cup - Won, O-League - Won
  • Season 2025/26 - Henderson Eels (Solomon Islands) - S-League 1st Place, Solomon Knockout championship - Won, OCL Qualification Cup - Won, O-League - Won -Resigned
  • Season 2026 - Persebaya (Indonesia) - Indonesian First League 4th place, Indonesian Cup - Won
  • Season 2027 - Persebaya (Indonesia) - Indonesian First League 1st place, Indonesian Cup - Won, Indonesian Super Cup - Won - Resigned
  • Season 2028 - Port FC (Thailand) - Thai League 2nd place, Thai league cup - Runners up
  • Season 2029  - Port FC (Thailand) - Thai League 1st place, Thai league cup - Winners, Asian Champions League - Quarter final - Resigned
  • Season 2030 - Jeonbuk (S. Korea) - K-League 1st place, Korean FA Cup 4th Round
  • Season 2031 - Jeonbuk (S. Korea) - K-League 1st place, Korean FA Cup Winners, Asian Champions League - Winners - Resigned


  • Season 2027 - 2029 - Indonesia National Team - SEA Championship 2028 - Won
  • Season 2029 - 2031 - Ivory Coast National Team - 2030 World Cup Quarter Final, 2031 AFCON 2nd round


Honours - Club

1 x St. Vincent and Grenadines Championship
1 x Barbados Premier League
2 x Barbados Knockout Cup
2 x S-League (Solomon Islands)
2 x Solomon Knockout Championship
2 x OCL Qualification Cup (Solomon Islands)
2 x O-League (Primary Club Continental)
1 x Indonesian First League
2 x Indonesian Cup
1 x Indonesian Super Cup
1 x Thai League
1 x Thai League Cup
2 x K-League
1 x Korean FA cup
1 x ACL Champions league (Primary Club Continental)

Honours - Country

1 x SEA Championship (Indonesia)


Honours - Personal

Oceania managerial hall of fame - 2nd
Asian managerial hall of fame - 6th

St. Vincent & Grenadines managerial hall of fame - 1st
Barbados managerial hall of fame - 1st
Solomon Islands managerial hall of fame - 2nd
Indonesia managerial hall of fame - 4th
Thailand managerial hall of fame - 4th
South Korean managerial of fame - 4th

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Here I was thinking my first stop would be somewhere in the South Pacific but no - I'm headed to the Caribbean and St. Vincent & The Grenadines with the wonderfully named:



Nothing to report though. No Signed players or staff so I literally have a blank canvas upon which to build a legacy and a surprisingly healthy wage budget even though we don't have a pot in which to piss. Given it's £30 for a season ticket and a 700 capacity stadium we play in, I reckon the provided budget will need to be very carefully managed.



Season is also very spread out - 18 league games running from August to May, so I can go with a small squad and see if I can get by on a decent quality squad of maybe 16 or 17 players.

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Things I've learned managing Awesome FC

1) They are Awesome in name only

2) Nae c**t wants to sign for us.

And I mean 'nae c**t'. I literally have the choice of 15/16 year olds youth (database has about 30 of them)

Though this lad did show up and I signed him for the experience.


48 years old FFS. Keith Gumbs is ironic as he's that old, gumbs is what he now chews his food with. I'm going make a cult hero out of this old git. 5 star coaching report as well but I'm taking it with a pinch of salt as my other currently contracted player is a 16 year old goalkeeper with 2 for handling, so no surprise the newly appointed coaches are a bit awestruck.

I'm starting to think I should have accepted the contract offer from the Indonesian team named after jizz...

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So picture the scene.

You have loads of money to spare (in Caribbean semi-pro football terms at least) but no-one at all wants to sign for you on the islands given there's about 400 folk playing football on St. Vincent and 370 of them all play for better teams than the mob with no squad.

So what do you do? I'll tell you what I did... I fucking chucked it.


Nah only joking, I decided to siphon some of that massive wage budget that I'll never use and expanded my scouting network on a much larger scale. Given I only have one scout who'd probably recommend me a 24 stone Mark Yardley if he was showing sufficient interest, I decided to do it the old fashioned way and have a proper look through the database at the newly interested players of sufficient calibre....Spoiler:


it still didn't take me long.


But what I do have now on the eve of the season, is something approaching a squad. A squad of geriatrics and their enthusiastic carers, granted, but a squad nevertheless. Let's have a look at some of Yer Da's Army.



Terrence Jones - He's 50 years old for fucks sake. No-one with a first name of Terry has played professional fitba since 1974 so this one speaks for itself. A bit of a coup as I managed to persuade him to resign from his post as the manager of the US Virgin Islands national team to get his first professional gig at a point where he should be considering which saga plan he's going with. I almost even doubled down and went for the USVI national team job after taking their gaffer off them but that's far too much bants for my first pre-season. I'm trying to get another goalie in but it's proving difficult.




Robert Dumitru - 21 year old with some experience in the Romanian 3rd division. Can tackle, mark and head a ball so yeah, what else do you really need? He is also a registered geriatric nurse so that helps when the goalie needs his arse wiped.




Morelli Solomon - One of only two Vincentian players who had decided to up sticks and leave a more established club for me, signing from perennial mid-table side System-3. Yes that's their name. I'm quite happy with this guy, a young internationalist centre half and potential to improve. Had to pay through the nose for him though.

the other one was




Derron Rouse - I mean he's very 'meh' but he was the only one available before the scouting range increased and he is sort of versatile in that he's equally pish in all defensive roles.





Jamie Willets - Instant buyers remorse on this one. Signed him at a point where none of the other centre-halves were available and clearly, he's utter mínge. For his part, he's fucking chuffed though as he's gone from kicking about on a public park in Alvechurch near Birmingham to a tropical paradise in one fell swoop. A real rags to slightly less shoddy rags tale, this one.


I'll break this up a wee bit in separate posts - I don't expect a window like this every year but this first one was a bit bumper so aye, more to follow...

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In my scouring of the world, I happened on the Pacific nation of the Solomon Islands. About as far away from St. Vincent as you can get but if I'm chartering a plane for a talented player, I might as well fill the fucker. Carbon footprint and that.

4 lads made the trip.




John Misitana rounds off my centre half options. 




Junior Mataifiri is my one and only dedicated left-back




Ashley Liu and Benjamin Mana on opposite wings bringing a bit of youthful pace. Which as you'll soon see, is sorely going to be needed.


For now, we have reached the soon-to-be-fabled OLD MAN SECTION OF THE TRANSFER WINDOW.

Old Man Dancing GIF by NBA






First up at a sprightly 42 years old, Singaporean striker, Indra Sahdan. A wealth of experience in a career that stretches back to 1996, we're going to push one more season out of him in our floating retirement home. And he'll have some company in the 42 club with:




Carlos Edwards? Chapsticks, I've heard of him! Indeed you have my friend - an early 2000s regular at the likes of Sunderland (when they were good) and Ipswich. Edwards is still punishing his no doubt edging-on-needing-replaced joints by insisting on still battering up and down the right flank at 42.

However, Indra and Carlos are mere pups compared to 




Kendall Velox - He turns 50 in less than two weeks. Fifty. I mean I know I've showed you the keeper already who is already 50 but he gets to stand about the whole game and remember where he is. This guy is still actively wanting to be the midfield lynchpin FFS. And he's still fucking good at doing it too if the coaches are to be trusted (which they probably aren't). Even better, remember he's supplying 48 year old Gumbsy as well!


Cutting the through this motley crew of misfits, I did manage to tie down 3 players who are both young and relatively good. They'll round off my bumper squad update.

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So my three prized players round this off before we get the season kicked off. any further players who sign, I'll update as and when. I've signed a few 15/16 year old Vincentians for the reserves that I won't touch on here.



Jonathan Sarraute - Very, very decent Argentine right-back and will be first choice ahead of old Carlos. He comes with a decent pedigree having played a bit of 2nd division football in his homeland.





Rudolf Blagogee - Versatile Ghanaian winger who has been punted about clubs in Czech Republic, Ukraine and Sporting Lisbon before the age of 20. Told me though that it was always his lifelong dream to play for Awesome and he was the only kid in his village with an Awesome top and listened to all the games on the wireless. Dunno whether to believe him or no but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.




Eduardo Velasquez. I mean lets just be honest here, this c**t has all the attributes of being a cheat code at this level. Dunno what else to say other than wonder out loud what he's doing here.


And that's it, my ragtag bunch of pensioners, unruly youths and South Pacific journeymen in the Caribbean. Hopefully the first stop on my tour provides as much fun on the park as I've had assembling the team of mad b*****ds.

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August 2021

The first month of the season completed and it's as strong a start as you can ask for.



The largo game was fucking wild. We just look like a team who are not in the slighest bit interested in defending. Even the Layou game should have been about 8-3.

As boldly predicted, I've turned Gumbsy into a bit of a machine. Boy's a pler.

I've also managed to get some competition for auld Terry in goals - 37 year old upstart Josh Wicks has signed on. Hopefully he can develop and push for the first team in the coming season :lol: 




Gambian Centre midfielder Ebou Sanyang also signed, scored a hat-trick from centre midfield on his debut and then handed in a transfer request 5 days after signing as I didn't sign more midfielders in those 5 days. What a fucking madman! Told him he can leave for £100k (he's worth £8k, so he's taken it about as well as you expect for a guy who flew from the Gambia to the Caribbean then decided he wanted home before his week's all-inclusive was up)




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Paint of order: the word "journeyman" derives from the French word "jour" (day), not the English word "journey". It is taken from the fact that those who were considered sufficiently skilled to work as an employee in a particular field but were not eligible to work as self-employed masters of their chosen craft were paid by the day.

So journeyman basically means one who is competent but not particularly expert or outstanding in their field. Not, as you are using it, "well-travelled".

Apologies, I just like to start my mornings with a bit of pedantry. Good luck with your save. 🙂


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9 minutes ago, AsimButtHitsASix said:

This forum needed another fucking mental journeyman thread to take the pressure aff OTIG

Poor fucker has been ploughing a lone furrow for so long and doing a magnificent job of it.

I did a sort of mini journeyman last year that took me to some out there leagues. I wanted to do a thread then but was in too deep to do a recap.


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4 minutes ago, Small Bovine Maisonette said:

Paint of order: the word "journeyman" derives from the French word "jour" (day), not the English word "journey". It is taken from the fact that those who were considered sufficiently skilled to work as an employee in a particular field but were not eligible to work as self-employed masters of their chosen craft were paid by the day.

So journeyman basically means one who is competent but not particularly expert or outstanding in their field. Not, as you are using it, "well-travelled".

Apologies, I just like to start my mornings with a bit of pedantry. Good luck with your save. 🙂


Aye... I'll leave it as it is. :lol: 

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October 2021

Another winning month punctuated with another game where just didn't bother our arses to defend.



Gumbsy coming up with a winner against Jebelle in a game where we had 36 shots at goal. Unreal levels of composure.

On the transfer front we are one in and one out this month. One of the Solomon Islanders, Benji Mana, has decided to up sticks and leave as I wasn't giving him any game time at all. He's off to Hope International on a free.

Elsewhere, I've brought in young African Winger Khanyisile Mayo to try and keep Sanyang a bit happier. He's not brought up his outburst again from a few months ago, so all's well for now I suppose.



That should be it for signings though - I burnt through my annual scouting budget in a month and a half and now have heehaw eyes on players outwith about a 6 miles radius and the finances are predictably, in the shitter. So this is the golden generation of Awesome FC. The Gretna years if you will.

Was shocked that I'd blown through so much of my transfer budget but it's exclusively went on signing on fees and transferring money into scouting.



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November 2021

Predators with a last minute equaliser that prevented another flawless month. We really are shite at defending.

That aside, I don't think there's anything really stopping me from cantering to a maiden title and by the time the financial shit hits the fan, I'll already have made my Lyle Lanley-esque escape.


7 clear at the halfway stage. Which feels strange to say 9 games in.


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December 2021/January 2022

Double whammy sees my side finally fall to their first defeats.

Hope International papped us out of the cup quarter final in the last minute before we tamely surrendered at home to System 3.


Still 4 clear with four to go, we should get there now.


We're limping over the line and have a hectic next 4 months lined up. I hope we can keep up...


In all seriousness though, this may be a one and done season at Awesome. 18 league games simply isn't enough and a game a month isn't really that enticing to keep me around. 

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